What is Real

There are endless short films out there that deal with the paranormal. There are endless feature films that deal with the paranormal. The majority are either horror/thrillers or satire, yet every now and then a charming little film comes through that is neither. Here we have one of those films.

This short isn’t horror, and it isn’t satire. It’s more drama with a hint of lightness. It’s simple yet effective style works well and it doesn’t go over the top. In fact, despite its paranormal leanings the occurrences feel almost normal because they are so understated, at least at the beginning.

This film never ventures into territory that it shouldn’t. It doesn’t suddenly turn into a horror or a thriller. The ending is as understated as the rest of the film giving it an almost open feel, that leaves the audience thinking and providing an opportunity for their own interpretation.

The lead gives a strong performance, given that he is acting against nothing for the majority of the film. The fun is well constructed and presented, with a score that keeps the mood light. An enjoyable and interesting short film.